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My holistic approach to promoting a healthy mind, body and soul stems from my years of practice in various massage techniques

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Get to know me 

My holistic approach to promoting a healthy mind, body and soul stems from my years of practice in various massage techniques. 


As I developed my experience of bodywork, I became aware that our thoughts and feelings manifest themselves physically within the body’s cells and tissues. This, together with the help of a trusted osteopathic friend and colleague, led me to the Karuna Institute and, after a two-year training course, I qualified as a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist in May 2013.  


Many of my clients come to me with physical symptoms, such as back pain, but continue their treatments after the original condition is resolved, as they find their overall health improves and their sense of wellbeing increases. The supporting and nurturing quality of Craniosacral Therapy gives my clients the opportunity to release strain and tension from their body and reduce the feelings of overwhelm that modern life can bring.


I am a member of the Craniosacral Therapy Association (CSTA) and a committee member of their Supervision Committee.  I regularly receive supervision from a registered CSTA supervisor and have treatments from a Karuna trained therapist. I am fully insured and hold a current first-aid certificate.

If you would like to know more, you may wish to watch the short YouTube clip below.

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Privacy Policy

Dawn Goodes is the Data Controller for Dawn Goodes Therapies under the Data Protection Act 1998. I will process your data in accordance with the Data Protection Act. The purpose of the privacy policy is to inform you as a user of Dawn Goodes Therapies about what information I collect when you visit my service, how I use the information, whether the information is disclosed and the ways in which I protect users' privacy.

How I use your information


The data I take will include your name, address, telephone numbers, date of birth, the GP surgery you are registered with, any other health or wellbeing professionals you may be seeing and a full medical history. After each treatment, I will make notes about the session and any relevant information regarding the treatment given. This is in accordance with my insurance and the Craniosacral Therapy Associations (CSTA) regulations.  It also allows me to track the progress of treatment and assist in the recollection of previous treatments, especially if there are large gaps between sessions.  Before you submit any information, I will notify you as to why I am asking for specific information and it is up to you whether you provide it. 


I will also store your name and telephone number on my business mobile phone.  I will send reminder texts the day before your next appointment if you have agreed to receive them.  I will also call you should you be more than five minutes late for your appointment to check if you are on your way.  If you do not wish to receive either of these communications, please inform me in writing.

Will I disclose your information to, or share it with, other organisations


I will never disclose your information to or share it with, other organisations. I have regular supervision with a supervisor registered with the CSTA.  During these sessions, I may discuss your case with my supervisor but will never include any personal information.  The supervision process ensures that I am supported in my work and can offer the best possible treatment for my clients.


What information do I use when you use my website or social media


I want you to feel secure when using my website and associated services. I am committed to respecting your privacy. Below I give an overview of how I do that. When you use Dawn Goodes Therapies website (, I use the website provider  They may use technology to collect information indirectly - such as your internet address. This is commonplace across all internet services to enable the investigation of issues such as malicious use. If you are concerned about how Wix may use this information, please go to their privacy policy at I do not collect any information indirectly.


I do not collect information directly from you by using cookies.  Cookies are small files of information that save and retrieve information about your visit to my site, such as how you entered my site, how you navigated through the site and what information was of interest to you.  The cookies identify you merely as a number. If you are uncomfortable about the use of cookies, you can disable them by changing the settings in the preferences or options menu in your internet browser. 


Information submitted as a part of Dawn Goodes Therapies' content held on Instagram and Facebook will be subject to their privacy policies. For more information, see the Instagram privacy policy and the Facebook privacy policy.

How long will I hold your information?

I will hold the information for as long as I am providing you with services. If you do not use the services provided by Dawn Goodes Therapies. I will remove and destroy all personal information I hold relating to you after seven years, in accordance with insurance and CSTA regulations.  For children, records will be removed seven years after their 21st birthday.   

Access to your information


You are entitled to know whether I hold information about you and, if I do, to have access to that information and require it to be corrected if it is inaccurate.


You can do this by contacting me at: 

Mrs. D Goodes

T/as Dawn Goodes Therapies
12 Elizabethan Way


West Sussex

RH10 7GU


M: 07919 537570


Your information is held securely

I take appropriate steps to maintain the security of your data.  All files are held in a locked cabinet at my home.  When traveling to my clinics at Ashurst Wood, Crawley and Haywards Heath I take only the files of the clients I am seeing that day and they stay with me until I return home, where they are locked away. 

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